Covid- 19 Update

Travel Information: COVID-19 Update


‘’ Go Safe’’ with Montana Hotel

The safety and wellbeing of our guests and the team has always been incredibly important to us and everyone in Montana Hotel should rightly expect a safe, clean and protected environment. The Covid-19 has brought this into sharp focus, which is why we have launched a new rigorous, daily cleaning regime as a part of our ‘’ Go Safe’’ campaign.
Developed in partnership with Diversey, a global leading cleaning and hygiene product supplier for the healthcare and hospitality industries, our promise seeks to give you extra peace of mind so you can book and stay with confidence.

Here’s what we’re doing to keep you all safe:

  1. New Cleaning Regimen
    When our guests check into Montana Hotel, they will notice a number of additions to the company’s regimen designed to set an even higher standard of cleanliness for the hotel.
  1. New Cleaning Technologies
    We are rolling out enhanced cleaning technology in rooms and public areas including electro static sprayers that allow for touchless disinfecting capabilities. The magnetically charged droplets produced by the electrostatic sprayers seek out and coat hard to reach areas and surfaces typically missed in standard cleaning processes. In its everyday cleaning, Montana Hotel will also be using the highest classification of disinfectants recommended by the Centre’s for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organisation to treat known pathogens.
  1. Hygiene and anti-viricidal sanitising spray
    More frequent cleaning of high-touch areas is ensured, such as check-in, lift controls, door handles and handrails. In the bedroom, we’re paying special attention to cleaning air conditioning and heating controls, TV remotes, door handles and desks.
  1. Checking-in & Checking Out
    Minimising contact and increasing protection at reception with protection screens, keeping social distancing measures in place and auto-dispense hand sanitisers are going to be available in all public areas.

5. Housekeeping
We are carrying out additional checks on rooms. Laundering all our linen at over 60 degrees, with disinfectant detergent so you can enjoy a safe and great night’s sleep.

6.Food Safety:
At Montana Hotel, all food handlers and supervisors are trained on safe food preparation and service practices. We are enhancing sanitation guidelines to include.

  • We are implementing new hygiene and disinfecting practices.
  • We are introducing and designing new approaches to the breakfast buffet.

Our Cancellation Policy:

In response to changing marketplace conditions, Montana Hotel is committed to ensuring our customers experience flexibility during these challenging times.

We are extending our flexible reservation policies as follows:

  • For guests with existing reservations for any future arrival date, the policies that were in place at the time of reservation, or as previously communicated, will continue to be honoured.

We are aware that the Covid-19 pandemic and the response from the Government and health authorities are constantly changing and developing. Please note that the criteria in Montana ‘’ Go Safe’’ document is, therefore, to change over time.

Covid- 19 Update


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